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Links are an important part of a web page. We hope you will take some time to log on and get to know  the friends and ministries we have included on this LINK  page. I believe your life will be blessed, as God links people together for His purposes.
This is Tom's (Museum) web site of old guitars, amps, cars, motorcycles and band photos from the 60's.
Caleb grew up playing and singing with mom and dad and was the last to leave the "family band"  Caleb is a prolific tunesmith and poet, has an amazing voice and plays guitar and bass.
Since moving to Texas Sherry, Caleb, Rocky and I have established a commercial music school called Texas Music School..... It's really pretty cool... Check it out..
Some of you know that I played guitar and traveled with Don 1981-1982. There is with Don a kindred spirit of heart and ministry. I see that Don Francisco is a true Troubadour in the Kingdom. His music and ministry can  not be captured or measured by time or fashion. He is a man of God with a song.