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Tom's Page
As Sherry and I were praying this evening she thanked God for the food we had eaten earlier that evening.. Then she thanked Him for the skillet, the stove, the dishes, our home and the furnace.. our bed and our place to sleep.. Wow, is it possible not to have those things? then I remembered that there was a time when Sherry and I had none of those common things.. We got married by faith and took off into wherever with nothing but what we could put in an old Ford Fairlane.. We ended up in Florida with none of the normal things that others had.. We lived in our car and slept wherever it was offered.. I remember driving down the busy streets in Miami looking at all the beautiful homes all decorated with Christmas lights.. Seeing the Christmas tree though the front room window and thinking how wonderfully warm it all looked, and wished we could go into one of these homes and feel the warmth of such a life..
Well we were meeting people, and they were having us sing here and there.. Then we met more people and sang more.. and our life and our ministry grew.. As time passed we lived in an 8' wide house trailer.. then a duplex.. then a small house.. then a bigger house.. then a beautiful home on Jupiter Island.. Then a huge ranch in New Mexico.. Now we are living in our own home in Texas, that is both too big and too small at the same time.. We have furniture.. a comfortable bed.. our very own refrigerator full of food.. a washer and dryer.. a garage.. more than one car and more than one guitar.. and.. We have somehow raised three babies into adults that love Jesus more than they love anything else..
I guess I would have to be pretty heartless to not be thankful.. Thank you Father.. Thanks to you Sherry for going there first and showing me the better way again.. as you have done so many times in our almost 40 years together..
To God be the Glory.. Great things He has done..  Onward my Friends.. God is with us for good.. Let us trust Him..
a fellow pilgrim

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