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Professor I. M. Heptoit Speaks Out

A bus....An old, big, ugly, stinky, funky bus...Who want's an old, big, ugly, stinky, funky bus? Only every Gospel band this side of Heaven that's who..
But why (you ask)...
does a Gospel band want an old, big, ugly, stinky, funky bus?......
Because they can't afford a  new, big, pretty, stinky, funky bus!  
Beyond that it's any body's guess...But I'll tell you this... it's a guy thing.

Why do people come to the desert? What draws us to such a seemingly desolate place? Is it the solitude we find in the quite wind swept sand dunes? Is it the simplicity we sense in the barrenness of the landscape? Is it possibly the vastness we experience as we gaze upon the endless horizon? Or maybe because our faith is quickened as we discover that the desert is not desolate at all. Though over shadowed by an over bearing loneliness and apparent infertility, life still reigns.

It takes time to ride a horse. First you got to catch him, then you got to put the bridle and the saddle on him (half the time you need to adjust the stirrups) then you either take him out to the pasture or trailer him somewhere... All this just so you can ride around and listen to the sound of your saddle, the snorts of your horse and the clop clop of his hooves. Then you have to ride back to the corral, take off all the stuff, hang it up, and then rub down, feed and water your horse.  Sounds like a whole lot of effort and time to me...
The only thing I haven't figured out yet is this... Is all this more fun by yourself or with another person?

Me and Fog Horn was talken the other day and he ask me if I knew why the man crossed the road... I thought about that for a while but I couldn't really come up with a logical explanation, (one that a chicken would understand anyway.)  When I said that to him he laughed and told me it was a joke. I was a little offended but I tried not to let it show.

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