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Tom and Sherry Green Ministries UK
Sherry and I have met many wonderful brothers and sisters in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as we have sang and ministered the Good News Gospel in that beautiful land. It is with joy we look forward to continued and even greater opportunity of ministry in the UK.
Concert in Belfast..     Caleb in Liverpool..

Yvonne and Grady O'Brien.. Tom and Sherry at Castle
Belfast feast ..             Caleb and Tino in Ireland
Sherry in England..    Caleb ministering in England.

Nottingham England... The ancient oak forest... Once the dwelling place off Robin Hood, now the home of Acorn Christian Fellowship, pastored by Chris Baggaley. A beautiful gathering of God's Saints.

Oxford with band

Derek and Hilary Walker, Pastors of Oxford Bible Church in Oxford attended Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, OK and then went back to their home in England to start their ministry which God has blessed exceedingly.  The Oxford Bible Church has a unique congregation from many varied international cultures. Through consistent Bible teaching, loving God and loving people, Derek and Hilary have seen the body of believers at Oxford Bible Church grow in its own distinctive way.  Derek and Hilary admit amazement at God's plan for their church for this has not been an intentional endeavor on their part but it is God Himself bringing many nationalities to them for His purposes!  Ministering at their church is like going unto the "whole world". The night we ministered,  there were Saints present from: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, France, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Denmark, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Switzerland, Philippines and England. (The folks from Siera-Leone and Pakistan didn't make it that night). We count it a blessing to have been with them twice in ministry to see God at work saving and bringing together His family from all over the world!
What a blessing.

The Saints at Heartbeat Christian Centre in Coventry (Pastor John Blackburn). Wow! what a children's outreach this church has.

Tom and Wendy Hawkins, Pastors of  Victory Church in Grimsby (Gladsby) Great gospel preachers and good sports for letting me take their photo eating an "English Breakfast"

What a spirit filled time we shared with the Saints at John Wilcox's church in Coventry.

Charis Bible College, Coventry. Andrew Wommack's UK bible school where the students get a daily dose of Good News Gospel teaching. What a pleasure to minister in such a "gospel centered" environment.

Driving UK style. Right hand steering, left side of the road, all around the roundabout. It's actually quite enjoyable...Kind of like being 16 and learning how to drive all over.

Kam from India

Peter from Denmark

St Ives, Cornwall.  One beautiful spot on this planet....