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Contact Tom and Sherry
Remember the big outdoor Jesus Festivals? This was Orlando Florida early 80's

Our band in Florida

Austin Texas mid 90's

Contact Tom and Sherry
There are three basics formats in which Tom and Sherry minister. You may want to consider which of these best meet your needs.

1. Concert Ministry: Morning and/or evening Worship Services. Many churches are now having us minister both services. Concert Ministry is predominately music with some sharing by Tom and Sherry.

2. Concert Ministry with Preaching: Same as above (with less music) and Tom preaches. The preaching is preceded and followed with music by Tom and Sherry.

3. Three and four day Conference Ministry. In depth teaching with Music.

Please pray and consider which of these ministry options best speak to your situation.

You may contact us by phone, fax, mail or e-mail.
God Bless You.

Tom and Sherry Green
5214 93rd St
Lubbock, Texas
79424  USA

806-698-1380 phone and fax
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