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Spring / 2003
Its a windy time here in New Mexico as I write this note to you.  A cold spring wind.  ... Calm and restful when you are safe inside your adobe dwelling.  I wouldn't want to be outside on a night like this as so many pioneer women were just two generations or so ago.  My Grandmother was born in 1899 and died 1995.  She went west with her family in a covered wagon as a young girl.  How could anyone have explained to her that "Hey, girl, in a short time you can drive west-- in a Corvette on Route 66!'   What's a Corvette?  "See that moon up there?  There'll be an American flag up there soon."  How could a man walk on the moon when a jet hadn't been invented yet.  Imagination.  One life time can see change so drastic it defies the imagination.  

We have a hard time really imagining what it was like in their time.  In the old days one could ride a horse, take a covered wagon, stage coach, or some other horse drawn carriage.  It was a long dusty ride exposed to the elements.  No wonder people from that generation were not as consumeristic as we are today.  When progress provided the availability of owning a nice house and a car-- that was a tremendous  accomplishment.  We trash more stuff than they thought about owning.  

The sod house was a starting place for many families.  For those women is was a time of toil, sweat, dust, weariness, babies learning to walk on dirt floors, and the addition of "all that creepeth upon the ground" in various number.  If the cold didn't get 'ya, the heat did.  

Hey, ladies, we're not too tough these days, its a very pampered life in comparison for us.  We are tough in different ways, you say.  But, lets not kid ourselves.. that was harsh living.. this is luxury.  May we thank God every day for the blessings we take for granted.  

Our American progress is a gift.  What? We worked for it..?  Yes, but it was God who enabled us, and Graced us with gifts of endurance, courage, Faith, Hope in despair, Love to aid our neighbors, and thanksgiving in our hearts for simple blessings like rain, a good harvest, cattle in the stall, and a place to call home. Let us not forget that the Almighty-- poured out abundance on us.  .. If we really stopped to think about it, we'd never run out of thankfulness.

And speaking of thanks!  Here I will post my true thanks and gratitude for our troops of young men and women, heroes and heroines in my book, who in this last war, made great sacrifices to keep our freedom and prosperity secure.   America is beautiful because of you.  Thank God for your love.

Sherry Green


God cares.  

 "His eye is on the sparrow" ... a line from an old song ..  A simple message that brings rest.  Birds are common, birds are numerous, how could a little sparrow fall and God know? How could a little sparrow fall and God not know?  Speak this message to your heart.....   God knows and cares.  Jesus spoke to us about the tenderness of the Father's love.  
God has sent some comforting love our way here in the middle of New Mexico. Tom and I have had some interesting guests at our house lately.  First we had a dog come to visit.  Then the little bird pictured above.  The dog was very likely dropped off out here in our remote area to find a new home.  And the bird somehow miscalculated and flew head on into our window pane.  (It was dazed and confused.)  Since we don't often have company or neighbors close by, both little creatures were very welcome entertainment.  We fed the dog and I took it for long walks, loved it and hugged it (dust and all) until "our" dog (we were getting attached to him) went on his way.. I guess we were just a stop on his way home, kind of like Lassie.  And the bird..?  Well, Tom tried to help it fly to the best of his limited ability, but it didn't feel like going anywhere for awhile.   So Tom carried it around on his finger as you can see.  After a little bit, it was feeling better and just flew away.  God speaks of His love in amazing ways.. we just have to be open and quick to notice how He sends His love through many messengers.  

"Christmas happened for me when.."

What did you do this Christmas?  Was it different from the others? I've often heard people say "Christmas happened for me when.."  they saw a special event, concert, something that someone did that spoke to them about the true meaning of Christmas.  We'll I'll tell you my experiences if you will also share yours with me!  Be sure to e-mail these soon!  I'd like to publish some on our web site!  This year Christmas really did "happen" for me in a most unexpected time and way.

So, here goes my Christmas story.  
    Christmas happened for me at the Sam's store in Lubbock.  Tom was having the tires balanced there, so I had time to wander through the store and shop for presents.  I really bombed out with the shopping and couldn't find a thing.  I was thinking about how it just didn't seem like Christmas to me.  I'd been so busy in my office buried with promo, dates, ads and sponsors for upcoming Christmas concerts I hadn't had a chance to think about Christmas!  I was talking to the Lord as I walked along.. "You know Lord,  when I first really gave my life to you  when I was 19 .. I remember our first Christmas after and how the whole meaning of your coming came alive for me.  It wasn't just the usual holiday time.  The joy of what God did for me in sending you was so alive in my heart.   I still remember being just 19 years old, newly born again, and standing in Macy's at the card section in Wichita, Kansas looking at the Christmas cards and listening to the Christmas music over the store speakers, overwhelmed with the love of God.. tears streaming down my face..there in public.. my heart burning with God's Grace and love for me and all the world around me.  Why can't I have that feeling of joy and love in my heart today, Lord?  I would like to have that kind of experience again this Christmas.. sometime between now and then"

    The car was done at the automotive department, my Christmas shopping was futile, but  I had a few groceries in my cart  to buy, so we headed for the check out line.  As I was standing there waiting I heard a song playing on a little CD player on display.  I walked a few steps over and stood near to hear the song.  It was "Away in a Manger" or "Oh Holy Night" I don't remember which!  But, there it happened.. The love and Grace of God came down over me like a warm anointing oil, I could see God's love for all mankind, all of the people at the store, who knew and didn't know.. His love and Grace was a free gift to us through the Baby in the manger.  I stood with my face in my hands, tears streaming down once again, unashamedly, in the crowd of people.. all of us standing in line waiting to purchase the perfect gift that has already been given.   I will never forget that moment at Sam's this Christmas,and how quickly God answered my prayer!  I'll always remember that His joy and love is for me now as much as it was when I was just a young Christian.  Christ is mine! God's unspeakable GIFT!
Christmas Frosted Raisin Bread by Sherry Green

Actually all I added to this recipe was the raisins and the buttercream frosting.  The actual bread recipe was revised from one in a cookbook that my good friend Shari Nichols copied for me from her Le Leche League Cookbook with time saving recipes for busy, nursing mothers.  (We were both nursing mothers in those days, Shari!)

I recommend using this recipe instead of your bread machine, it just tastes better.
Ingredients: at room temperature
2 pkgs. yeast
2 tsp. salt
1/3 cup oil
1/3 cup honey or sugar
2 eggs
2 cups water
1 and 1/2 cups raisins
6-7 cups "Better for Bread" Gold Medal Specialty Flour

  In a large mixing bowl put the 2 cups of water (cool to lukewarm only)  add the yeast and let sit for 5 minutes. Add the three cups of flour, sugar or honey, oil, and salt.  Put the salt in last on top. (so not to affect your yeast )
Mix with medium speed of electric mixer for 5-10 minutes. Remove beaters and stir in by hand 1 and 1/2 cups of raisins.  By hand stir in another 2 cups of flour.. no need to make it smooth.. just stir it up in the bowl.  On a clean surface make a circle of  1 cup of flour. On this circle of flour pour out your sticky raisin dough on the flour and knead the dough pulling in the flour from the circle as needed.  You may wish to oil your hands or fingers to help in this kneading process until dough stiffens up and isn't so sticky.  Knead 5-10 minutes.  Dough should be smooth and elastic. Add additional flour if necessary.
  Cover with plastic wrap and folded towel. Let rest 20 minutes.  Punch dough down by kneading a few strokes. Divide into 2 equal portions.  Roll out with oiled rolling pin or by hand stretch
out the dough to about 8 x 12 in. rectangle. Roll dough up jellyroll fashion, seal ends by pulling a little dough down over the ends.  Place seam side down in  greased bread pans. Brush with oil.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate anywhere from 2 to 24 hours. Preheat oven. Uncover, puncture with an oiled toothpick any air bubbles that may have developed.  Bake 30 - 35 min. @ 375 degrees
The buttercream frosting is found in the Betty Crocker Cookbook or on the back of the C&H powered sugar bag. As I recall It is basically one pound of powered sugar with 2/3 cup butter or margarine, one teaspoon of vanilla, a tablespoon or so of milk, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Use your electric mixer to beat it into a smooth consistency.
Additional note:
I have baked this bread after the 2 hours refrigerated and also after 24 hours, it is always consistently good. I hope you enjoy trying it!

Greetings. Its time for a summer update.  I hope you all had a great summer!  We had some great times with our family and friends.

Tom and I even had a vacation this year.  Our first official one, anyway.  We spent five days on the beach in Jupiter, Florida.  I had some good times of hearing from the Lord when I walked the beach alone.  The sound of the waves on the shore drown out the distractions of life.  There is a rhythm to the beach, similar to rocking a baby.  The water sounds on the sand and sea shells calm that anxious fussy feeling.  Warm humid air mixed with the rising sun feels like a Daddy's strong embrace.  Daddy God knows how to love us.  The first scripture I ever learned was this:  "The heavens declare the Glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork" (my sister taught it to me.)  When you stop long enough .. God's creation speaks of his love.

A friend of ours from Florida had this same revelation to share with us. (Thanks Mike.)  He said He was out one day looking at the trees, blue sky, awesome creation all around him, and thought how perfect it all was.  He told God what a beautiful job He'd done and said thanks for all of the perfection. Then a question came into his mind - Why am I here?  Then God spoke to him and said that's the wrong question.  Don't ask why you are here. Ask why all of this is here.  Our friend then realized that all of this beauty was created by the Father for him.  He was reminded of how a couple prepares the nursery before the child is born.. its evidence of love waiting for the child to come.  The Lord pointed this out to him and said "This is just the nursery!  Think of all the awesome things I have prepared for you ahead!"

Experience God's embrace.  Find a time to be with God alone in one of your favorite places outside... in the "nursery."  Look around and know that the Father made all of this for you ... a doting Father.  God is Love.

Blessings to all in Christ,
Sherry Green
PS.  Please go to the link page and click on and read my feature article about Noah's wife.  This was interesting because I ran out of time and didn't have a woman to do a feature article on this issue.  I said, "God what shall I do?"  I sat down at the computer and the article unfolded - the Lord gave me a feature article on Noah's wife, of all things!  The Lord knows everything and has lots to share when we ask!  

A couple of photos from Emiel's beautiful wedding...
Taos NM July 18th....
The Father and the Bride
Mr and Mrs Keith and Emiel Ross

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