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When I get up from my desk, go out side and take a walk, I find myself realigning to the real issues of life. It's odd how important unimportant things can get. I guess a person just sort of fills up with whatever we spend our time lookin at. How many years of our life do you suppose we've wasted thinking about the wrong stuff...What do you think?                                

Jesus told us.. "Go into the whole world and preach  the Gospel." Now that sounds pretty straight ahead to me. But I've found two basic categories of folks.. those that say "I've got a job, I can't go".. while the others say "I don't have a job..I can't go".. Kinda makes you wonder who Jesus was talking to...What do you think?

Speaking about Thinking, I've  got a farmer friend in Indiana who told me about a young fellow that worked for him one summer. This young man told my friend one day "You know I must be pretty smart, cause I think almost all the time". Anybody want to speculate what he was doing the rest of his time?

It's hard to get away from sales. You can try to avoid the appliance section at Sears but some people are always trying to sell you something, usually  themselves. Sometimes an abundance of words hide an absence of reality. Too much talk without much substance is like..well it's like...all mustard and no hot dog. Not my choice of cuisine.

Have you noticed that it's hard to keep people happy for very long? Seems like good friends are hard to come by. Oh there are lots of folks that call you friend, but not so many that will walk with you and not get their feelings hurt over some little thing. Look out when that happens.  Everything changes at that point. Why do you figure we're so susceptible to such foolishness?  Is it pride? fear? or just basic insecurity that sticks to us like tree sap. I bet that if  you and I would get our approval from Father God  we would be a whole lot easier to go through life with... What do you think?

Abundance....nice some people. I guess if you're the one who has the abundance it's ok. But to other folks...well...Just maybe you've got too much. In fact I might go so far to say that anytime any one of us gets an abundance of anything most everybody else will pretty much conclude (to each other in fact) that ...Yep...too much. I guess it makes people feel important when they sit as a judge over a fellow mortal. Thumbs up?...Nah.. usually it's the old ..thumbs down. Well that is an unfortunate trait we humans have, cause there happens to be something that we really do need an abundance of. My Holy Bible says over in Romans... 5:17... that in order for us to get the gift of Righteousness that  we need to receive an abundance of grace. That's...too much grace..for most folks. We're so self trained to be suspicious of abundance that we cut our own throats when it comes to God. A little Grace is respectable...but don't get carried away. .. Keep it balanced....What do you balance Grace with? Law? Judgment? Bad News? I'll have to say right here that if folks aren't accusing you of having too much Grace then you probably don't have an abundance...and abundance is what you need to truly walk in the gift of Righteousness...It really does matter.. Especially when you consider the rest of the passage..."shall reign in life."... Something else to think about...

The other day while I was shaving I was thinking how much I enjoy living out in the boonies. It kind of grows on a person (like whiskers). Whiskers... that's a word you don't hear much now days...Kinda makes you think of an old man with hair  in his ears...I guess "beard" is the contemporary replacement.
Back to the "boonies" know I hate to admit it but I never learned how to really praise the Lord till I got out of town...way out of town. It took total isolation for me to loosen up in the presence of the Lord.
Guess I was more than a little self conscience of what people might be thinking. What a pity we let others come between us and God. Boy I tell you there ain't nothin like having a good old hootenanny with just you and God. It satisfies the soul and the spirit..and..quickens the old mortal body. If you've been there you know what I'm talking about, if you don't know what I'm talking about you need to go there....I love it...

     Christmas...How is it that Christmas is the most special day of the year. No matter how disappointed or frustrated I get with all the junk and frenzy, there is still that unique feeling on Christmas morning, in fact I feel it all day.
     The house is a mess of wrapping paper, boxes and bows....the little ones are making noises with their new toys....the ladies are scurrying around in the kitchen preparing the annual Christmas feast...The men are either talking quietly among themselves or asleep in an overstuffed recliner...the Christmas music is playing softly and the fire in the fireplace is burning low...
     I love Christmas day. There is no other day like it.... Could it be that Jesus is so Awesome that Christmas just can't help but be what it is....The most Wonderful day of the year.

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