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Rock's Page
From my place on this surfboard I can see the coastline, but my focus is only the wave.  I have stood barefoot on a surfboard and known joy.  I have leaned with all my weight into my next move.  I have committed myself fully to my purpose.  I have totally shut out all distractions.  I have released my potential.  I have attempted more than I believed I could finish.  I have tasted real fear.  I have learned true challenge.  I also know pain, injury and defeat.  They are the counterweights to ecstasy, health, and victory.  I understand the difference between hunger and love.  I have learned these things alone, miraculously balanced above a wave.  This is not a thing of pride, this is a statement of desperation.  I have known life from the limited experience of my youth. I have been learning my own humanity, my own mortality, my frustration with my own existence.  For it is my single greatest blessing and my greatest plight.  I know the desire of greatness but not because of pride or for the sake of worship.  I knew from my birth, somehow, that I was meant to be great.  And although this world is full of those who have quit believing this about themselves, I will not be persuaded out of my belief.  Jesus said that the least in the kingdom of God would be the greatest.  Therefore, we know that two things are important; Greatness and service. This leads to humility.  It is impossible to know humility if you do not know yourself.  If you do not know your own greatness than you'll never have the need for humility.  It, at best, would be a tool for which you can find no use.  So what would you be then if not yourself?  Confused, unknown, lost in your potential, asleep, sidetracked, misled, unapplied-- A tragedy in need of redemption.

There is a time limit.  A hidden and unpredictable expiration date.  Everyone intuitively knows the urgency of time.  Oh, certainly there is a rhythm to our passage, but it does not reveal the secret of our existence.  Do not seek to explain the existence of mankind, rather seek to find the reason for your existence.  In that answer you'll find the reason for all who have gone before you.  Not to mention those after you.  There are so many of us.  How could we be plagued  with the desire for greatness?  Some would say that humility is knowing your place and realize the futility of the desire for greatness.  However, humility is not the decision to stifle or deny the desire to be great.  Humility is to be great, and to not be prideful..  False greatness and false humility must be first cousins.

So why service?  And  how can we possibly commit ourselves to what is evidently our greatest calling when we know better than to trust ourselves?  I do not trust myself to the smallest task and I find myself unable to move ahead from here.

From behind this guitar I can only hear the music I am not playing.  I am forever reaching, grasping for the melody and the fitting harmony.  I desire the pleasure and communication of the invisible, yet artistic arrangement of harmonic vibrations.  This invisible art of music.  Trapped in the linear and forward movement of time, understood only one or two notes at a time.  We still sense the importance of song, no one will deny music as one of life's greatest accompaniments.  It is, in fact, just another parallel.  I search for Tone.  Rich, full, tender, deep.  I look for the contour of the phrasing of a melody.  I value the order but I treasure the spontaneity.  How do I write a melody?  I Listen.  They already exist, I am only pulling them out of the air.  By listening for the message of meaning I have found it.  Only those who listen will ever experience music.  Only those who seek to receive the invisible melodies will be able to play them on their own instrument.  Everyone else is making damnable noise.  All becoming an unknowing and unfortunate part in the distraction and deception of our generation.

Do you understand through the chaos?  Can you see through the glass?  Does your heart long for the kingdom of God?  There is one who is trustworthy for the task of service.  There is one who has the resource to give, He has many qualifications to serve.  He is love.  And He has modeled to us and poured out upon us Himself and His Love.  Think of the life of Christ.  Truly Great, Truly Humble.  Truly Amazing in virtue and talent, truly all of the things that people need, and truly applied.  He was not popular, successful, or wealthy.  Most of His life was spent learning and waiting.  His brief years of ministry were almost totally misunderstood.  And still continue to be.  His death was the single greatest tragedy and the single greatest victory in the history of the universe.  What does that tell me about life?

Well, it tells me that Jesus came down into the world and dealt perfectly with the plight of humanity.  He lived it, and in His death and resurrection He conquered it.  Our plight became unrightfully His so that through Him we can have the right to realize our greatness and therefore step into our purpose for living. This requires the understanding of the start of a new and eternal life while still being in involved in the first one.  You must embrace, through faith, the truth you know you've heard and read.

Remember, listen for the music.  Wait for the Lord God Almighty.  He is great in His love for you and His patience and care always sustain.  He will direct your path.  And when this is all over, you will receive your true name directly from the only one who truly knows you.  Maybe that's why he loves you so much.