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Music, Teaching and Videos

Evidence of Love
Our latest offering of music. We are very pleased with this CD and we have received a lot of positive feedback on this recording. We used studios in Tulsa, Lubbock, and Springfield to lay down tracks.
We were able to get Jonathan David Brown to mix and master this project and as usual he did a great job. This is the first real chance we've had to work in the studio with our two sons and daughter; Rocky, Caleb and Emiel. They all three sang and Rocky and Caleb played various instruments. Rocky also shared some of the production responsibilities. In the future we hope to include the family on as many projects as possible.


Evidence of Love

Throw Me Down

Rejoice With Me  


1. Evidence Of  Love  5:20
2. Throw Me Down  4:29
3. For You Love  4:45
4. Free  4:52
5. Testimony  2:47
6. When You Pray  4:36
7. River Called God  5:21
8. Life On The Wing  3:27
9. Rejoice With Me  4:06
10. Rise Up  3 :47
Desert Dance
This was our first CD released after our move to the high deserts of New Mexico. We recorded it in Austin Texas. Jonathan David Brown was in charge of this project. He produced, mixed and even did some back ground vocals (BGVs). We really like the feel and sound of this recording, and it certainly was a pleasure working with JDB. Jonathan is always able to bring the best out of whoever he is producing. He is tremendously gifted.


Love Is A Person

What Did I Find

Stay By Me   


1. Love Is A Person  5:13
2. River Of Love Flows  4:57
3. Love's Gonna Hold Us Together  5:29
4. Dance In The Desert  5:02
5. What Did I Find 3:34
6. Commandments  4:13
7. In Jesus' Precious Name  3:30
8. Broken Vessel  3:47
9. Stay By Me 4:10
10. Seasoned With Grace  3:32
11. Let Me See His Face  3:58
Tom and Sherry in England with Emil Sturt..  (living room bible study)
Tom sings "Testimony" on TV in Holland with Don Francisco... 1982
Don Francisco, Tom Green and Louie Hall.. Holland... 1982


Jesus said "Keep On Seeking"  
4/19/2008 Look for this title and date.. Do "Tom Green" in search box
Tom teaches us we need to stop trying to figure out how to GET from God (which equals performance)... Rather, we need to spend time with God and find out how much He knows how to give good and advantageous gifts to us. Jesus tells us, "Keep on asking, and you will receive. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened!"
God loves us!