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Trinity Bible College Tulsa
This is my graduation class.. Trinity Bible College, Tulsa OK.. 1969..
 I will try to name the students (please forgive my spelling?)

Starting back row left to right with the smiling fellow leaning against the left post:
Johnny Trout.. Jack Long.. Merwin Wright.. Thomas Snodgrass.. Frank Sumrall.. Dave Young.. Philip Davis..

Next row to the right:
Jerry St Clair.. Dave Baker.. Jerry Leach..  Dan Newman.. Lonnie Bear..
Next row to the right:
Lucille DeBoff.. Teresa Mason.. Sister Wilson.. Bonnie Harper.. Mike McCarley.. John Dawson.. Andrea Babbin.. Tom Green.. Helen Watts.. Jean Scribner.. (I'm afraid I missed a couple)

Front row left to right:
Precious Sister Duncombe.. Brother C.H.E. Duncombe.. and Brother Hathcoat..


The Classroom..


Tom receiving his diploma from Freda Lindsay
                                                                                                     Alice Duncombe and Myself..
Our Dining Room.. We had morning chapel.. donut breaks.. lunch and dinner in this room.

Richard Hepner (the cat who told me about Jesus              
in the Testimony Song) myself and Mr. Irwin Baker..
(my boss at Jubilee City where I was employed
as "floor captain".

My transportation at Bible School.