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Aug 31st.. 2010..   Aug 31.. 1972..
38 years ago today in Wichita, Kansas Tom Green and Sherry Young said a resounding YES to their Lord Jesus Christ who had told them
"you two belong together".. It was an step of faith that seemed totally logical to both Tom and Sherry, but was quite a
challenge for some close friends and family..

Well folks.. I think it's gonna work out just fine..

(Here's a note from Sherry about marriage)

What a blessing! I consider these 38 years a gift from the Lord! I think I will share a few memoirs of mine from over the years.
We've laughed a lot, cried a lot, and gone through all the normal stuff, but a few thoughts stand out to me tonight.
One morning at breakfast, when we were on our honeymoon, Tom was a little nervous, so instead of pouring coffee
from the restaurant carafe into his coffee cup, he poured it into his water glass! Then he couldn't stop giggling!
Also, after the I do’s, the first few weeks of marriage he was completely silent. I kept saying “is everything OK??”
but his reply was “Oh yes, everything is fine”. The next week two weeks –the complete opposite! He joked and acted silly about everything!
My thoughts were, “This is strange!!” But by the next week, Tom’s adjustment to marriage settled, and he was a happily married man.
He has always loved being married to me and has loved our children so much. He has never liked being away from me or the children.
This was a great trait in Tom, as a husband.

For us life has been an adventure of sharing the things we loved. I was a Kansas girl who loved the wide open prairies and golden wheat fields.
Tom introduced me to the clear turquoise Atlantic Ocean off South Florida. I was afraid of the water. Tom taught me how to water ski.
I even learned how to drive the boat and pull him on a slalom ski without dumping us both in the Palm Beach Intercoastal Waterway.
Yet, he learned to love the prairies because I did. I like Chinese food. He has never learned to like Chinese food. However,
I learned to love Mexican food because he does! I love the summer, he loves the fall. I like warm summer nights, and he likes the chill
of autumn mornings. But together we've shared every season and found adventure and fun everywhere we go.

Marriage is like mountain climbing. Exhilarating. Exhausting. Delightful, and demanding. Marriage gives you everything, and asks everything of you.
It shows you your weaknesses and your strengths, and when you've reached an impasse God is there. That’s my favorite part. Its then we realize
that we are not two- we are three! Sometimes you realize God is the Rock you are climbing on. The new fresh territory you long for is yours on
that mountain as long as you keep the upward climb. Sometimes you speed ahead, sometimes barely a half step forward. It requires painstaking time,
prayer, and sweat to help each other along the dangerous patches on the way. And for Heaven’s sake, you can't forget to stop and rest.
Get plenty of rest. Hold each other amongst the wild flowers and tall grass, breathing in Hope - God’s oxygen. It’s like fresh mountain air!
Someday we will reach the top, but for now- Thank God for the journey!

I found an old list of mine with 7 things I've prayed for in my life with Tom. By now the 7th thing has become the most important to me:
Don't live from the past, live from God’s Grace reaching forward into the future. KEEP LOOKING UNTO JESUS! And hey,
I feel like a kid starting afresh today this August 31st, 2010!

Here is an anniversary card we received this year..

Tom and Sherry... met and married 1972... been ministering together every since. Song writers, singers, preachers, teachers, followers of Jesus. Cross country drivers, equipment haulers, sound technicians, musicians, followers of Jesus. One in labor, One in ministry, One in the Lord. By God's Great Grace we are one.

For over 38 years we have twanged on guitars and plunked on banjos, singing songs about Jesus, and I reckon  we'll just keep on do'in it till the Lord comes back. Can't think of anything else we'd rather do.

The anointing of ministry is for sure the greatest pleasure a man or woman can experience, and I think we must be addicted. God is good . He gets us down the road and back, in and out of  countless restaurants and motels, fills our life with friends and fellowship and quickens our mortal bodies to sing and preach week after month after year.


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